Soft modules for children

The unique properties of the materials we produce have found their use in various industries, construction and many others. But, the specifications of PE foam are so versatile that they can be successfully used in our products for our youngest consumers.

Soft FLEXIBON modules developed by the specialists of our company will ensure interesting leisure for your children, and contribute to their physical and creative development.

In developing and manufacturing products for children, safety is our main priority. And it starts with the raw materials for the filler.

The highest grade of raw materials used by us in manufacture, as well as the exceptional hygienic properties of PE foam allow us using our product not only for the manufacture of goods for children, but even in the pharmaceutical industry. The materials used in the manufacture of the outer shell of children’s soft modules – the cover, are also certified and comply with sanitary and hygienic rules and regulations, allowing us to recommend these products for use not only at home, but also for children’s institutions.

FLEXIBON represents soft modules for children:

Sets of soft figures of various shapes with a soft material inside (PE foam, PU foam or their combination), and PVC fabric or eco-leather outside. It is used to organize the playground area in an apartment, house, in the yard, as well as in children’s institutions. Modules can be custom-made according to individual sizes and sketches.


  • Injury free;
  • Hygienic;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
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Soft modules for children