Tarpaulin curtains and covers

Tarpaulin is a material possessing unique properties, it is resistant to both heat or cold, it is designed to operate in a wide temperature range from -40 to + 80 degrees. High elasticity allows wrapping objects of any shape.


  • Tensile strength;
  • Tension resistance;
  • Lightweight;
  • Impermeable for water and other liquids;
  • High elasticity;
  • Steam impermeability;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Optimal cost.

Application areas:

  • Construction;
  • Industry;
  • Motor transport;
  • Agriculture;
  • Tourism;
  • Landscape design.

We will manufacture a curtain or cover of any size, shape and purpose, including heat-insulated models in line with your requirements.

Tarpaulin curtains and covers
Tarpaulin curtains and covers