Boat and motor boat covers

A cover is the necessary component of the boat and motor boat equipment. This accessory allows protecting the boat itself and its interior elements from any external adverse influences, as well as providing comfort to passengers. It is necessary under all weather conditions – both in the autumn-winter period, when the boat is mothballed for the winter season, and in summer, during the navigation period.

The most popular cover types are:

  • Bimini cover;
  • Mooring cover;
  • Transportation cover.

Each product type is used for a specific purpose, task. For the manufacture of boat covers, special materials are used, and they very depending on the covers.

The practical and durable performance of the covers depends, first of all, on the materials selected for their manufacture and their manufacturing quality.

Bimini covers for boats and motor boats

Bimini motor boat covers are intended to protect the crew of a boat or motorboat while running or staying on the water. The cover will help to protect the crew from the scorching sun, precipitation, splashes of water and wind. The following requirements are imposed on fabrics for this type of covers: mechanical strength, high resistance to UV radiation, fungi, high water-repellent properties, furthermore, the fabric should “breathe” to ensure comfortable stay of passengers under the cover. The materials with specifications meeting all of the above requirements are used at our manufacture. These are acrylic fabrics from renowned and time-proven manufacturers: Sauleda (Spain) and Sunbrella (USA, France). For more than 45 years, Sunbrella acrylic cover fabric has remained the world leader in the manufacture of covers for water transport. The base of Sunbrella Plus cover fabric technology is the process of colouring the fiber at the time of its manufacture, while it is liquid (Solution dying). This ensures a high colour resistance, easy cleaning and durability of Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella gives a guarantee of colour retention of its products -for 5 years. The Sauleda Sea Star fabrics manufacturing technology is the same as the Sunbrella Plus technology.

Sunbrella Plus and Sauleda Sea Star cover fabrics have two seemingly opposite properties at the same time: waterproofness and breathability, i.e the. pass a significant amount of air into the inner space of the cover. QD As a result, the formation of condensation, and therefore mould, is reduced to a minimum, almost to zero. Provided the correct use, covering structures made of these fabrics last up to 10 years. The available colours may be found at the bottom of this page.

The issue of selecting accessories for bimini covers also deserves special attention. First of all, buttons, fasteners and fittings should be made of stainless materials to avoid rust and, as a result, red stains on the fabric. To manufacture of arches for the covering structures, the FLEXIBON plant specialists use tubes of anodized aluminium or stainless steel, while additionally extending the service life of the product and allowing to preserve the appearance of the product for many years.

The design of the cover provides for the viewing windows of PVC film (transparent window insert, flexible, soft glass). In the manufacture of cover structures, PVC film with a thickness of 0.65 mm – 1.00 mm is used, depending on the size of the transparent insert. The primary advantage of a high-quality PVC film is the ideal transparency of its canvas and increased rigidity and strength, while maintaining the inherent elasticity. Well-proven film made in Korea, Spain and Japan is used in the production of our covers.

Attention! The bimini covers are not intended for transporting the boat by a vehicle and for winter storage in the open air.

Mooring covers for boats and motor boats

Mooring cover types are applicable when the ship is planned to be kept unsheltered for a long time in an open area. Such a cover helps not only protecting the boat from negative environmental factors, but also allows preserving the items inside it. The design of mooring covers are simpler as compared to bimini ones, but they have their own special features as well. They must completely enclose the boat at least to the waterline level, ensure protection against water, wind and snow. On larger boats, an additional frame or supports are desirable to ensure free water drainage from the upper surface of the cover while preventing the formation of so-called “baths” or “pools”.

Fabrics intended for the manufacture of mooring covers should be lightweight, thick and, of course, possess an increased strength and wear resistance. For sewing a FLEXIBON mooring cover, Poly Rip Stop 300 D fabric is used, which is reinforced with a reinforcing thread, ensuring its tear resistance along the fibres. This fabric is also polyurethane-impregnated, providing the material with wind and moisture protection properties.

Transportation covers are used for the transportation of boats on open trailers to protect them from dust, dirt and precipitations. To manufacture these covers, we use dense, wear resistant fabric Poly Rip Stop 600 D.

FLEXIBON offers custom-made boat and motor boat covers.

In order to ensure long-time service of the cover, we recommend following the operation rules given below:

  • clean the cover only with water using the Karcher equipment without the use of detergents, with the exception of an emulsion made of baby soap. Use non-abrasive soft sponges and brushes for cleaning;
  • dry cover fabrics only outdoors – do not use hot drying;
  • Avoid formation of “baths” or “pools” on the fabric surface during operation;
  • When not in operation, store the cover in dry condition;
  • periodically wipe the viewing PVC windows to remove moisture in order to prevent the formation of mould and rust on the film surface;
  • Avoid the ingress of gasoline vapours and other aggressive substances onto the film;
  • Avoid the integration of a “transparent insert” with the metal elements of the boat coating structures (arches, fittings, etc.);
  • Before placing the cover for storage, clean it of moisture and dirt and let it dry in a straightened condition;
  • it is undesirable to fold/unfold the PVC film at low temperatures.
Boat and motor boat covers
Boat and motor boat covers
Boat and motor boat covers

The palette of colour solutions

When ordering a cover for a boat or a motor boat, you can select any of dozens of available colours: