Covers for verandas and soft windows

Sometimes rain, wind and even sun cause some nuisance. Covers and soft windows custom-tailored by our company considering the specifications of the facility and your wishes, will help protecting you and your property from undesirable natural phenomena. Together we will develop a sketch, select the materials, choose their combination, pick up the colour scheme, method and fixing pattern. The entire project will be carried out in strict compliance with your wishes using high-quality materials and in the factory conditions.

A number of synthetic materials are used for manufacturing FLEXIBON soft windows. A high resistance to mechanical stress and various weather factors, including ultraviolet rays, humidity and temperature extremes are common to them.

PVC film is one of the key, important, critical components in soft windows (transparent window insert, flexible, soft glass). The main advantage of PVC film lies in the ideal transparency of its fabric along with the increased rigidity and strength, while maintaining its own elasticity. The film is resistant to ultraviolet rays, humidity and temperature extremes, in addition, it is absolutely fireproof, allowing to use it for garden-houses with a barbecue or a barbecue oven placed inside. Polyvinyl chloride does not contain any components that would favour the emergence and development of any parasitic microflora.

Since PVC film is the main material for soft windows, our specialists have special requirements for the quality of this fibre. At our manufacture, we use only high-quality PVC film from trusted manufacturers. Such manufacturers in the domestic market are PVC films of the Japanese company Achilles, the Korean Politex and the Spanish Expafol. The thickness of the fabric varies from 0.5 to 0.75 mm.

We use such fabrics as Poly Rip Stop and Oxford as edging for soft windows. These materials are perfect for wind and moisture protection, have excellent performance.

At the request of the customer, soft windows can be equipped with a mosquito net and straps with a retaining buckle to keep the window panels in a folded position.

Covers for verandas and soft windows
Covers for verandas and soft windows

Accessories for canopies and soft windows

For fixing soft windows, as well as opening and closing them, we offer several types of fittings to select from:

Covers for cars, ATVs, snow mobiles

Silicon strap

Covers for cars, ATVs, snow mobiles

Plastic rotary brace

Covers for verandas and soft windows

Galvanized or SS steel rotary brace

How to order soft windows from us:

For a preliminary calculation of the cost of soft windows for your veranda, garden-house or terrace:

  1. send photos and measurements of each side of the structure to our email address .
  2. Our specialist will call you back to clarify the details, if necessary, a measurer will be sent to your facility.
  3. We calculate the cost.
  4. We agree the specification.
  5. We make an order within 5-14 working days (depending on the workload of the production site).
  6. Pick up the order independently or, for a separate cost, we deliver it by our transport to the place of installation of soft windows.
  7. You can install soft windows individually or involve an installation crew.