Company history

Our company is quite young – the more important for us are our present achievements and our offers to you.

Like many, we started with a little, but we really wanted to achieve more!

  • We developed our business,
  • created our team,
  • built processes,
  • reached success,
  • overcame difficulties.

Today we have done a lot and learnt a lot. We are a different company as compared with the beginning of our path. We are bolder, stronger and more ambitious.

The life is cyclical and again, we want more!

And we move to the future while preserving the present.

Company history

2011 – the company was found. Our first orders

Company history

The history of ROSARSENAL LLC begins on October 11, 2011. At the start of its activities, it was a commercial company focused on the oil and gas and petrochemical market. From the very beginning, we counted on experience and expertise in team building. That is why our company quickly gained trust and respect – the number of partners and customers is steadily growing from year to year: people recommend us, and this is the best valuation of the business. From the earliest days, the company’s specialists confidently solved the most difficult engineering problems for Russian and foreign companies and successfully coped with them, thereby building strong and long-term relationships with customers. Cooperation with our first clients continues to this day. More than 300 companies have been our permanent partners since 2011, including the largest domestic enterprises and well-established world brands that manufacture their products in Russia.

2015–2020 – rapid growth and development

2015 was a turning point in the history of the company – we decided to establish the production of insulating materials in Samara region. For this purpose, in July 2015, a production site with two buildings with a total area of 2500 m2 was acquired.

Already in December 2015, the production of roll foamed polyethylene-based insulating materials under the FLEXIBON trademark has started. Due to the efforts of our friendly team and the introduction of advanced technologies, FLEXIBON started to rapidly conquer the market. Today it is one of the most recognizable brands in the market of insulation materials and industrial packaging in Russia.

We are continuously developing and improving, while mastering new areas by using the unique properties of our material, the potential and experience of our team. All the premises, land and equipment are owned by the company, which represents an additional confirmation of our reliability and stability.

Company history

Since the beginning of our production path, in addition to the main production of insulating materials, we have organized and put into operation the following:

  • 2016: garment manufacture;
  • 2017: cardboard product section;
  • 2017: manufacture of sports goods under the VERSUS trademark;
  • 2018: the roll material cutting section;
  • 2018: the third production building;
  • 2019: the 3D package assembly section.

Such a range of production areas, in fact, is a well-tuned chain of interacting subdivisions arranged within the same site, which helps us to fulfil the complex tasks set before us by our customers.

2021: reaching a new level

Company history

Two more production sections are planned to be commissioned in 2021.

In April 2021, in order to bring a high-quality product directly from the manufacturer to the buyer, the product sales through the online store will start.