Insulation Materials

The world we live in is a world of comfort. People need comfort, calm and warmth at their homes regardless of what happens outside them, whether it is noise from neighbours, frost, snow, downpour or water from a spring flood.

Modern insulation materials are capable of preserving warmth, cosiness and comfort in our homes. Their range on the market is extremely wide and is represented by multiple brands. Our company produces universal polyethylene-based insulation materials under the FLEXIBON brand. You can learn more about the range and properties of the materials produced by us from this website.

The integrated production cycle: 
from pellets to a ready product

Selecting a supplier is always a challenging issue for the customers. When deciding in favour of a particular manufacturer, a number of factors shall be considered. We offer a high-quality product at the manufacturer’s price to any client: both a person building his house and a large industrial enterprise solving complex production tasks. To achieve this purpose we take the advantage of the full-cycle production process: from a pellet supplied by a chemical plant to final products of different degrees of technical complexity.

Insulation Materials
Insulation Materials

Making rolls under the customer’s terms of reference

An individual approach to solving non-standard technical problems for customers at any levels is one of the key advantages of our company. The required materials are often beyond the standard parameters in terms of width, density, thickness or length. While possessing a wide range of technical capabilities, a team of experienced and creative specialists of the enterprise will help to handle any task. Many of our customers had a chance to experience that time after time.

The width of the rolls is from 800 to 1600 mm.
The length of the rolls is from 1 m to 1 km 😉

The full range of products can be found in our catalogue.

We are pleased to present you a complete list of our product range. Here you will find complete information about the manufactured goods, their technical specifications and prices. Our range is continuously expanding. Follow our news!