For household use

Home is the basis of our life. Those who are happy at home, are happy everywhere. Therefore everybody tries to create his comfortable, cosy and protected home environment.

In the “Household” section, we have collected products for you that will help you making your home warmer, quieter, more reliable, convenient and energy-efficient. Open the possibilities on creating and fitting out of new spaces inside and around your house. Ensure preservation and safety of the property.

The FLEXIBON products will be useful for you in case of:

  • housing construction and repair;
  • organizing a safe interior in the kid’s space and soft spaces in your house;
  • creating spaces for practising sports;
  • improvement of verandas, summerhouses and playgrounds;
  • continuous and seasonal operation of cars and motor vehicles, as well as boats and motorboats.

A unique online format by FLEXIBON is an opportunity to by the insulation materials and home goods directly from the manufacturer via our online store.

When making shopping from your home, you get the following benefits:

  • The manufacturer’s price and quality
  • An opportunity of getting advice directly from the plant’s specialists;
  • A wide range of products in stock;
  • Unique products;
  • Customized order execution;
  • Possibility to purchase goods on promo;
  • Delivery.
For household use
For household use

Do you build a house or make repairs? Do you improve your territory? We have something to offer you:

Use the unique possibility to buy insulation materials as well as household products from the manufacturer at a unique price including delivery. Create your comfort space with us.

To get the detailed offer, simply leave your contact information using this form.