For trade businesses

“Commodity-money-commodity” is the basic principle of trade. The speed of this cycle is of great importance for commercial enterprises. And the faster the product turns into money, and the money turn back into the product, the more successful the store is. In order for the formula to work as fast as possible, the product must be in high demand among the potential consumers. And what can ensure such a demand?

  • Minimal price;
  • High quality;
  • Full range of products in stock.

Insulation materials by FLEXIBON can give these benefits.

As a manufacturer, our company can guarantee an optimal price. Our flexible pricing policy and individual approach allow us to find a common ground with any buyer. We offer special conditions to strategic partners selling FLEXIBON products.

The quality of our products undergoes checks not only by the internal specialists of the company, but also by our customers, and most importantly, is time-proved.

A wide range of products in stock allows us meeting the demand of any site: from a small department in a store to a large specialized centre.

FLEXIBON has many years of experience in cooperating with large chain hypermarkets. We know exactly what products are in demand on the market, not only in our region, but also outside it. Continuous joint monitoring allows us to forecast demand and introduce new products into the range. In addition, our brand is represented at many wholesale trade enterprises and retail stores. Absolutely all partners receive consistently high quality and timely support.

Integrated solutions for trade businesses

To allow you getting focused on your business while reducing costs, as well as having an advantage over competitors, we offer you cooperation based on the integrated solution principle, which has already been worked out with many of our partners, we call it “from application to delivery”. According to this principle, you are only required to submit us an application indicating the required range and quantity of products, as well as the desired time of delivery to your store. The rest is the matter of care of our company’s specialists.

We offer our partners to benefit from full use of the production and technical potential of our plant. We are ready to create and promote new products to the market based on your offers and together with you.

FLEXIBON offers for sale businesses:

  • Manufacturing of custom rolls of different thickness, length, width, density, colour;
  • Manufacturing of combined materials;
  • Cutting the materials in the required forms and shape;
  • packaging of products on pallets;
  • delivery by our transport;

The technical capabilities of our plant are at your disposal.

Increasing your sales is our common task!

For trade businesses
For trade businesses
For trade businesses

Do you run a trade business? We have something to offer you!

We have an extensive experience in working with wholesale and retail companies, and we are ready to provide you with an integrated approach to help in solving most of the tasks of any trading platform. To get the detailed offer, simply leave your contact information using this form.