Integrated solutions

The efficient resource consumption is a key challenge of the modern human. And the time is an unconditionally valuable resource here. Therefore, the basic purpose of integrated solutions offered to customers by us is saving the time for the most important thing – for life. A high level of professional competencies and a full production cycle allows offering the whole range of services in manufacturing the industrial packaging: from the project development and creation to the serial production and support.

While having a wide range of insulation materials for construction and completion of facilities, the company is capable of manufacturing different items according to the customer’s technical specifications, including non-standard ones – both with respect to the width and thickness, as well as combining coatings of different types.
The continuous quality monitoring process is carried out at every project stage with timely reacting to all the changes introduced at any phase. If drawing a parallel, the integrated method offered by us may be compared with the modern hypermarket where everybody can find ready solutions for their needs, with th only difference – we use a custom approach.

Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions for different industries

Like any modern company, our company also has its ready, the so-called package solutions. However, the present environment increasingly requires an integrated approach, which may be demanded in different areas: industry, trade, construction and even household applications. Such an approach is primarily convenient and beneficial for the customer since it offers extending the manufacturer’s responsibility boundaries from the product development and manufacture and to the the product delivery to the buyer’s warehouse. In the modern business, it is namely this approach which is increasingly used.

Well-proven solutions and products:

We are ready to develop industrial packaging for your products

If you need to create the optimal packaging option for your products, while reducing losses during the movement of finished products or parts, as well as reducing logistics costs, then you need FLEXIBON.