PU foam products

One of the directions of our activity is the production of PU foam products.

PU foam is a material with unique properties, which we use to manufacture a wide range of products, such as: cradles, liners, sports mats, children’s soft modules, professional noise insulation for recording studios and much more. Moreover, our specialists successfully combine PU foam with other materials, thereby giving it additional properties. Use our ready-made solutions or describe your task to our specialists and they will be happy to help you solving it.

PU foam mats:

Sports mats are designed for safe landing when practising sports. The mat material and thickness are selected depending on the falling height and the weight of the athletes. As a manufacturer, our company can offer you the following sizes of foam mats:

  • Width 1000 mm
  • Length 2000 mm
  • Thickness from 40 to 500 mm
  • Covering – PVC cover
  • Colour – optionally

A combination of PU foam and PE polyethylene is possible for increased shock absorption and wear resistance.

PU foam cradles and liners:

PU foam is a very soft material, yet it is able to absorb shocks and reshape. In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive material. Therefore, it is often used in the manufacture of packaging for lightweight parts requiring careful handling during transportation. The unique properties of PU foam are widely used by us both in the manufacture of the simplest packaging liners, and in the manufacture of complex 3D products in combination with other materials.

PU foam products
PU foam products