Sports equipment

LLC “Fabrika Flexibon” represents the line of sporting goods under the VERSUS brand name. This is a young brand registered by us to promote sporting goods produced by our company. We plan to expand the product range in this direction by offering you new products.

In order to support children’s sports and educate a healthy generation, our company, together with the Hand-to-hand Fighting Federation of the Samara region, holds a regular annual Championship for the prizes provided by “Fabrika Flexibon”.

Complex solutions for gyms and fitness centres

Спортивное оборудование

Like in other directions of our activity, in the sports line we also offer integrated solutions for customers. For example, not just producing custom wrestling carpet according to your size, but also installing it on site, as well as fitting the walls and columns with wall protectors to ensure the safety of athletes; or creating a soft space with bean bag chairs to relax after intensive workouts, or maybe customizing your punching area with punching bags and wall pads. We will be happy to listen to your wishes and apply our technical capabilities to bring them to life. As a manufacturer, we can offer a custom solution for each site, thus helping to reduce your costs.

Faster! Higher! Stronger! The principle of sports achievement is very similar to the principle of achieving business goals. Our trademark VS also has a motto – NO STATUS, ONLY FORCE.

Sports equipment

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