For industry

Industrial companies constitute the basis of national economy of any country. One of the key development areas of our company is the creation and manufacture of industrial packaging for production companies. Over the 5-year period of development in this area, our team has implemented 7 large project in the territory of Russia. Solutions offered by our specialists during working on these projects allow customers feeling more confidence while sending own products to any difference, both inside the country and far abroad.

Today we enjoy trust of both large Russian manufacturers and familiar global brands. Many of them have become our continuous partners, which recommend us to colleagues. We are proud of the customers’ trust and such a proud is an additional motivation in the implementation of current and future projects.

More than 100 companies of different size could evaluate the level of competency of our specialists and check the efficiency of the implemented solutions in practice.

We are always ready to the experience, technical capabilities of our plant as well as the creative potential of our team to the customer’s disposal.

When working with partners, our team tries to use an integrated approach in solving different tasks set.

What can be included under the integrated FLEXIBON solution?

  • Problem analysis and task setting;
  • Pre-project inspection of the company;
  • Precise definition of the task;
  • Offer of technical solutions;
  • Determining the project cost;
  • Designing;
  • Creating prototype templates;
  • Testing;
  • Manufacture of a pre-serial batch;
  • Serial production;
  • Introduction of changes and correcting of products if necessary;
  • Delivery with own transport;
  • Engineering support of the project.

Introducing complex solutions by FLEXIBON allows:

  • Reducing the cost of final products;
  • Increasing the quality of products manufactured;
  • Reducing or avoiding production and transportation losses;
  • Speeding up the issue of new products;
  • Increasing the competitiveness level
  • Considerably reducing costs and efficiently using the company budget;
  • Saving not only money but also time for searching for reliable and competed partners;
  • Receiving high-quality and urgent support throughout the entire project duration;
  • Reaching new promising markets.
For industry
For industry
For industry

Do you run the industrial business? We have something to offer you!

Use a benefit of the service package by our company: from the project development and prototype to serial production of the package for your products. Optimize your costs and use technical support by our specialists.

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