Wall flexiprotector

If you need a safe zone in the home or in a children’s institution, go for a modern cover for walls, pillars and other vertical surfaces, the wall flexiprotector. It is a perfect addition to the FLEXIPOL, and together they will provide protection against injuries in the game areas and gym halls when players fall or bump into obstacles.

The panels are easy to mount and create maximum comfort and safety for children, and retain aesthetics of premises at the same time.

The adhesive back layer will provide quick and cost effective fastening of panels on any kind of surfaces.

Product properties:

  • Hygienically safe and hypoallergenic;
  • High noise and heat insulation;
  • Resistant to moisture absorption and permeability;
  • Easy to clean and dust-resistant;
  • Easy to install and handle;
  • Adjusts to complex surfaces.

Technical parameters:

  • Size: 1200×600×24 mm;
  • Material: non-woven PE + PE foam.
Wall flexiprotector