Corrugated cardboard products

Corrugated cardboard has been massively used in industry and business as a packaging material since the second half of the 19th century. Its advantages are low weight along with sufficiently high physical and mechanical properties, as well as relatively low cost. It is one of the most frequently used packing materials in the world.

Since February 2017, our plant has initiated production of corrugated cardboard products and has been successfully developing this field up to now. In the shortest possible time, our specialists will help you to select a technical solution, develop and manufacture tooling and start manufacturing the products in line with the needs of your enterprise. Sometimes, in developing cardboard packaging products, to improve properties and optimize costs, we combine cardboard with our other materials.

In manufacturing our products, we use corrugated cardboard from leading Russian manufacturers.

Corrugated board grades used in production:

three-layer Т21, Т22, Т23 profile А,В,С
five-layer P31, P32, P33 profile А,В,С
seven-layer С41, С42, С43 profile А,В,С

FLEXIBON offers custom manufacture:

  • Slotted boxes consisting of one component and having one or multiple connecting joints depending on the box size as well as top and/or bottom slots of different designs. To assemble the box, additional materials are required (glue, staples, adhesive tape);
  • self-assembled boxes and trays – as a rule, consisting of one component. None additional materials and tools (adhesive tape, braces, glue) are required to assemble them;
  • corrugated cardboard liners of various standard sizes;
  • cradles with corrugated cardboard;
  • combined carton packages.
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