Residual Stock

Each manufacturing enterprise produces products in accordance with technical regulations, GOST or Technical Specifications (TU). These documents, approved by the enterprise, strictly regulate the parameters of manufactured goods and their characteristics and determine which products are marketable and which are not.

Due to the specific nature of the production of our enterprise, from time to time there appear products that do not comply with the Technical Specifications in terms of length, but at the same time comply with all other parameters.

EXAMPLE: A roll of reflective insulation of standard winding is 25, 30, 50 meters, and the resulting technical residue is 13.4 meters and 6.5 meters. Such products cannot be considered marketable, although their quality is no different from standard winding rolls.

Such products are transferred to the category “Technical Residue” (various sizes) and sold at a reduced price.

Our specialists will always advise on the availability of such products in stock, and if you are satisfied with the length, you can buy such products at a discount.

The price will be a pleasant surprise!

Residual Stock

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