Sealing bands

Sealing bands

FLEXIBON TO – Non-cross-linked PE foam band

A sealing band is made of Non-cross-linked PE foam. The building bands are excellent to withstand multiple compression and expansion phases. They can be used in construction where deformations are expected. Non-cross-linked PE foam bands are intended for insulation of interpanel seams in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, as well as cottages, houses and baths. In addition, non-cross-linked PE foam bands are applied to seal joints in installing windows, doors, plumbing and other utility works.

Technical specifications:

Parameter Units Value
Apparent density kg/m3 19-37
Tensile strength kPa 80-100
Elongation at break % 280-320
Compression strain % ≤ 25
Heat conductivity factor W/m*К 0,041
Water absorption by volume % ≤ 3
Limit application temperature:
Minimum temperature 0С -60
Maximum temperature 0С +85

Standard sizes:

Name Size (mm*mm*mm)
FLEXIBON TO 20 20*20*1000
FLEXIBON TO 30 30*30*1000
FLEXIBON TO 40 40*40*1000
FLEXIBON TO 50 50*50*1000
FLEXIBON TO 60 60*60*1000
FLEXIBON TO 70 70*70*1000
FLEXIBON TO 80 80*80*1000
FLEXIBON TO 90 90*90*1000

The bands are made to order from 1,000 running meters. The length is 1 meter; the section size can be according to the customer’s terms of reference./p>

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