Mats for martial arts

We would like to bring to your attention to carpets for martial arts produced under the VERSUS trademark.

Carpets are made according to the customer’s technical assignment and can have both standard and custom sizes. The product is a set of 1×2 m mats and a cover with special marking.

The shape, dimensions, thickness of the mats, markup scheme, and color may vary and are approved before placing an order.

Carpet mats are produced in 3 options:

  • Economy – high-density non-cross-linked PE foam mats, (density: 22 kg/m3)
  • Standard – mats of a combination of non-cross-linked PE foam (density of 20 kg/m3) and PE foam (density: 33 kg/m3) (66 kg/m3 PE foam is possible)
  • Profi – mats made of PE foam with a density of 33 kg/m3.

The standard thickness of the mats is 50 mm; custom thicknesses from 40 to 60 mm are available. To prevent “creeping” inside the carpet during operation, the mats are provided with Velcro fasteners.

Before laying the carpet on the base, we recommend laying the FLEXIBON underlay of at least 3 mm thick to level the surface and prevent damage to the mats.

Carpet covers are made of 650 g/m2 PVC fabric.

Color, markup and a logo are approved as per customer’s assignment.

Cover fixing options:

  • Bar;
  • Eyelets;
  • Folded pocket.
Mats for martial arts
Mats for martial arts