Gymnastics mats

Sports gym mats are used to prevent injuries and bruises in acrobatic exercising during physical workouts or fitness classes. The mat cover is removable and easy to clean, it is made of faux leather and is fitted with a zipper.

Faux leather complies with the requirements of Technical Specifications TU 8713-001-96625236-2006.


  • Length 2000 mm;
  • Width 1000 mm;
  • Thickness 40 to 60 mm;
  • Density 19 to 40 kg/m3;
  • Cover: faux leather;
  • Cover fastener: zipper;
  • Carrying handles: option;
  • Filler: Non-cross-linked PE foam, non-cross-linked PE foam + PE foam, PU foam;
  • cover colour: various (in the absence of instructions from the customer regarding a specific colour of the cover, the manufacturer reserves the right to ship mats with covers of any colour at its discretion).

Custom size mats can be manufactured, please contact us for details.

Gymnastics mats
Gymnastics mats
Gymnastics mats