Wall protectors

To increase the safety of athletes, the vertical surfaces of gyms, namely: walls, columns, various panels, must be equipped with special overlays – wall protectors. Protective mats prevent injuries when athletes hit walls and protruding structures. They are distinguished by good shock and noise absorption, while making gym activities safe and comfortable Protectors are installed along the wall perimeter or in the most dangerous areas of rooms.

Wall protectors are suitable for any indoor sports facilities:

  • martial arts halls;
  • fitness and crossfit centres;
  • training complexes;
  • school gyms.

Durable and resilient polyethylene foam is used as a filler for VERSUS wall protectors, to excellently absorb impacts without deformations under intense loads. The outer layer can be made of PVC fabric or vinyl leather of the customer’s choice. If necessary, the customer’s logo may be provided on the surface of the wall protectors.

The wall protectors of the sports gym also perform an aesthetic function, as they conceal all the defects on the surfaces of the premises. Such overlays solve two problems at once – they ensure the safety of training and decorate the gym.

Types of wall protectors

Wall protectors of various designs are produced under the VERSUS trademark:

  • non-removable (adhesive);
  • removable (complete with fasteners);
  • Book-type protectors to protect columns.

All protective panels are manufactured to order in our production, so any, seemingly, a non-standard shape or size is a solvable task for us.

  • The filling material is PE foam;
  • Top cover material: PVC or faux leather;
  • Size: according to the customer’s terms of reference.
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Wall protectors